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Straw roofs, stone walls, warning bells. Not only were they in a different world, but in a different time period entirely. And now the screams. They'd barely had time to get their bearings, and the situation had already changed. Not for the first time, the former time traveler wished she could still slow the world to a standstill.

Homura shook her head, not even turning at the telltale sound of muskets being summoned. "It would be safer to stay together," she murmured, her voice giving no indication to whatever she might be feeling. "Right where the enemy is headed."

The black-haired girl didn't quite smile at the mention of Madoka, but the corners of her lips just barely quirked up. "I'll cover you from the bell tower." Homura's fingers twitched up toward the side of her head- a nervous tic, making sure that well cared-for red ribbon was still there- before she summoned her bow.

Instead, she felt the touch of cold gunmetal against her fingers, a reassuringly familiar weight clamping onto her left arm. Slowing to a standstill, Homura stared at her hourglass shield, her face pale as if she'd seen a ghost.
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