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Homura's curt retort took Mami by surprise. But she respected her wishes, understanding that whatever Homura had gone through, whatever that girl she knew, Madoka, had gone through and done for them all...

... was possibly still out there. The very concept of hope, as Homura called her.

The first thing Mami did to prepare a vantage point was to materialize a musket for her to hold, "we should move around the hills for greater observation."

She looked at the hill above the town, barely above a hamlet, that had straw roofs and stone walls for enemies that would have held all but whatever they fought.

There were screams. A bell was rung in the distance. Mami's walk was still measured, although determined. She materialized another musket from her sleeves, now holding them as clubs.

"I can be the scout if you wish," Mami stated, "you can take the hills as the vantage point. I'll be down there trying to help the town. If our enemies become too many, move in."

She then smiled to Homura, asking about a friend Mami honestly wished she could have met, "your friend wanted us to protect people while we could, didn't she?"
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