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Pushing all thoughts of Madoka to the back of her mind, Homura climbed back up to her feet, the mountain breeze idly playing through her long hair. She could only hope that she looked calmer than she felt.

She'd haunted Mitakihara City for so long that she knew it like the back of her hand. But even without taking into account her timeline resets- she didn't care to think about how much older her mind was compared to her body, after reliving the same month and a half dozens of times- most of her life was spent living in Japan's crowded cities, with only a few isolated pockets of natural greenery connected by forested paths.

Our world. Hearing Mami say that all but confirmed Homura's own uneasy suspicions.

"Wherever we are, there won't be witches." Her tone was little sharper than intended. If witches still existed anywhere in the universe, then Madoka's self-sacrificial wish was unfulfilled, and it would all have been for naught- Homura took a breath to calm herself before continuing. "No matter how similar they may seem."

She waited for Mami to finish packing up, only slightly impatient, before joining her side as they began walking. Moving around like this while transformed, and on guard against any potential enemies, felt strange; back in Mitakihara, their wraith hunts were normally in the evening or night.

Homura glanced over. "We should find somewhere with cover, or a better vantage point." To scope out whatever threats were lurking in the distance, and to determine what sort of town or city they were walking toward. For someone as meticulous as Homura, it grated at her that they simply didn't have enough information.
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