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Mami's head slowly turned to face Homura, her friend's expression hidden further by the blades of grass. Even in that moment, by the tug of her hand, Mami realized this was one of the few times she had seen Homura being overcome by emotions. Something that she learned to listen.

Out of respect for Homura, Mami pretended she did not see that emotion. Likewise, she saw that they would not get relief in this world, with the figures on the horizon.

"I know."

When their hands were separated, Mami instead took a moment to look with her knees tucked against her chest, spending a moment to observe the new threat.

"They do not seem to be quite the same as the wraiths that existed in our world," Mami noted, "they appear to be something else. It reminds me a little of the things you described in that other world. Of the witches."

Mami slowly stood up, walking towards the picnic set, packing it up as if they were going for another spot, and not another battle, likewise a trait of her to conserve her welfare, to treat even the gravest of dangers like an afterschool passtime.

As she tied the set up, and had it disappear in her own form of subspace, she began walking forward, noticing there was also civilization on the horizon.
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