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Under no circumstances would Homura let herself forget.
Always, somewhere, someone was fighting for her.
As long as she remembered Madoka, she would never be alone.

Clinging onto that distant hope, Homura committed herself to her fate of endless fighting. After all, this was to be her final timeline, in this universe created by her best friend. She would find peace no matter what happened to her in the end. Even then, too used to timelines of fighting alone, Homura found it hard to truly reconnect with the other puella magi; there was too much emotional baggage left over from previous timelines that she didn't want to spring on them. By the time she and Mami Tomoe were the only ones left, they were certainly staunch allies who could depend on each other. But whether they were friends...

Homura couldn't say that she was truly happy, but she was okay. That was more than enough for her.

But waking up in an unfamiliar world, without any trace of her long-lost friend after fighting for so long, left her feeling as if she was about to wake from one nightmare to be plunged straight into another.

Mami might have caught the briefest glimpse of Homura covering her eyes with her free hand, her face uncharacteristically taut with emotion. When Homura glanced over to her former senior, her expression was back to normal- as if that brief lapse hadn't occurred.

"We're not safe here." Homura pulled herself up to a sitting position, letting go of Mami's hand. Her gaze lingered on the picnic set for a moment before holding up her own glowing soul gem, her lips pressed to a thin line. "You must sense that as well."
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