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2017-02-22 11:14 pm

The Carriers of her Banner

Laying on the grass, in the new world that Mami was reborn in, Mami held Homura's hand.

It was a moment of relief that Mami barely felt happening. In those days that she pondered about her duty after Kyouko's passing, and realizing all she was left with was Homura in a world that condemned them to endless fighting, there also came a moment in which the fights turned into a crawl as they found the source of the wraiths.

And then, as if waking up from a nightmare, Mami woke up on a field of grass caressed by soft mountain winds, holding Homura's hand, with a picnic kit and tea already served for the two of them nearby, looking up at an unfamiliar blue sky.

There was a long moment in which Mami realized there were threats in the distance that made her soul gem glow, evidence that the fight would not be over just yet. Then, she turned her head to Homura, not letting go of her hand, silently asking her if this was real.